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 Today: "Technology vs. Iraqi Prisoner Abuse"

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Welcome to Fact Squad!

Fact Squad is a new resource for information regarding technology and its effects on society, dedicated to cutting through the self-serving hype, spin, misinformation, and propaganda that all too often is fed to media, politicians, business leaders, and the citizens of the world regarding technological issues.

Fact Squad provides information from acknowledged and respected experts (many with decades of experience in their fields), not from vested interests attempting to skew available information regarding these topics exclusively for their own betterment.

  • Fact Squad is a clearinghouse for information regarding the technical, societal, legal, and other ramifications of our increasingly technological societies in an array of subject areas, including specific topics in such interrelated categories as:

    • Internet
    • Computers and Computing
    • Privacy
    • Digital Copyright and other Rights Issues
    • Technology Risks
    • Electronic Voting
    • Telecommunications
    • Broadcasting

    and many more ...

  • Fact Squad provides a referral service to help interested media, researchers, and others directly contact experts in particular fields and topic areas for interviews and information.

  • Fact Squad makes available short and long-form audio features and written materials to help keep the public informed about these important issues.

Fact Squad is a service of PFIR - People For Internet Responsibility, which was co-founded by Lauren Weinstein and Peter G. Neumann.

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